February…How Do I LOVE Thee? (Song 10 in the Countdown)

Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul: Song 10

Love is….nothing to do and all day to do it (in optimum temperatures of course.) –me

No Valentine love song list would be complete without a little Frank. This classic crooner has so many wonderful songs to his credit that choosing one was difficult. So I went with my all time favorite Sinatra song—The Summer song 10Wind. While not his most well-known ballad, this tale of fleeting summer love seems timeless. Whether your story occurs ocean side, lakeside or poolside… those summer flings somehow manage to leave a lasting impression on us all. On a cold winter day in February, this song transports me to warm summer nights, staying out late stargazing, and (when I finally made it out of the Midwest) walks on the beach. I can practically hear the ocean waves crashing, the birds in the background, and that smell…salty and warm—oh, the summer wind!

Coming Up: Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul: Song 11

***This post is part of an ongoing series. As part of my cup half full approach to loving the month of February, I vow to jump in with both feet and embrace the whole Valentine thing with my own custom list of Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul. Ambitious? Yes! Bold? Absolutely! Crazy? You betcha! Pointless? On just about every level. Regardless, let’s give it a go—I mean it’s February and how else am I going to get through the coldest, bleakest, cloudiest, shortest (and longest at the same time) month on the calendar. Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day begin! I (gritting teeth) LOVE February, how about YOU?

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