10 Things You Don’t Know About Me (A Response to the Facebook Numbers Post)

Every once in a while Often, I wish that Facebook had a dislike button. I would use it. I honestly consider myself to be a nice person, but when those little posts roll around asking you to “like if…” I just want to throw something at the computer cringe . I believe this sort of thing to be some form of Facebook spam.  So whenever I see posts asking me to make comments starting with a certain letter of the alphabet or tell a story about the day we met, or for heaven’s sake that “giraffe” thing, etc…I start looking for my imaginary dislike button.   I think on some level I don’t care for these posts because I am private person and something of a control freak, and I don’t want anyone telling me how, what or why I should play along.  But, wouldn’t you just know it, it wasn’t long before I found myself enjoying these messages like everyone else.  Laughing at the quips left behind, chuckling at what a friend or family member said, the inside jokes and (I know) hold your horses…it actually became somewhat fun!  Okay, so it’s a thirty-something sort of fun, but if you’re a part of that club you know we’ll take just about any kind of fun that rolls our way 🙂

The only thing was… I wanted more.  Naturally curious, I wanted explanations to the comments I didn’t understand.  I wanted to be in the know.  And again, I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do (as in assign me a number)….and so, drum roll please:  I decided to disclose 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me, on my own terms and with explanations.  Here it goes….

Tom Brokaw1.  As an adolescent, I had a huge crush on Tom Brokaw.

Okay, so he’s not everyone’s teenage dream, but he was mine.  So smart, knowledgable and trustworthy.  With a sweet midwestern charm and perfect hair.  He could pull off a taupe suit like no other man I know.  Sure, I was obsessed with Joey McIntyre of the New Kids on the Block and Mark Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris) from Save by the Bell, but so were all my friends.  I thought, however, I just might have a chance with Tom.  I later found out he was married to a former beauty queen!  #hopesdashed

2.  I’m a picky eater, but if my Mom is making Mexican food…I will eat right up to that point just before vomiting.

Who doesn’t think their Mom is the best cook EVER?!  My Mom is a boss in the kitchen and makes the tastiest Mexican food in the world.  As a kid, I would protest and boycott all kinds of food.  I practically lived on grilled cheese (and not the good kind–I had to make mine in the toaster!)  But when Mom made Mexican food I could actually keep up with my brothers in the packing it in department.  Now that I live away from home, I have to make the most of my visits which means eating tostadas (my ABSOLUTE favorite) to the point of nauseousness.

3.  I HAVE to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the bathroom.  ALWAYS, no exceptions.

Without going into a lot of explanation, I have a sadder bladder.  It’s not a fun thing and stress makes it worse.  So whether home or away, near the bathroom I must stay 🙂

4.  I am obsessive about cutting up the plastic ring things that hold together soda, sports drinks, etc.

I went on this crazy save the Earth kind of thing when I was in junior high.  I was pretty fanatical about chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), saving the environment, ozone and climate everything.  In some ways, I was actually before my time.  I’m not sure what started this zaniness, but it might have something to do with Earth Day being so near my birthday.  So here’s where those little plastic ring things come in…I remember seeing a video where the human race was polluting the environment so badly, that tiny, sweet little ducks and birds were getting their heads caught in those rings and dying.  (Think of that one penguin in Happy Feet!)  Absolute sadness.  Always cut the plastic ring things into microscopic pieces.  Have to.

1186_save_us_save_earth5.  I walk out of movies.

Most people figure they pay good money to see a movie and even if it’s bad, they’re going to plant themselves on that seat clear through the end.  Not me.  If it’s trash–I’m out.  If it’s violent–see you later.  If children are being hurt–goodbye.  This doesn’t just apply to movies in the theatre, I’ll walk out on a DVD any day of the week.  I once walked out of a Christian movie–and I’m a Christian.  I can be perfectly happy in a movie theatre lobby.

6.  I can’t stand the song She Drives Me Crazy by the Fine Young Cannibals.

This wretched song came out in the late 80s and was completely overplayed.  I CANNOT stand it.  I hate the video even more.  I’m not sure exactly what has caused such a vile reaction to this particular piece of music, but like it I won’t.  The only thing I like about this song is that when it comes on Pandora or my iTunes radio station, I can actually click thumbs down or (my favorite) select the NEVER PLAY THIS AGAIN option.

7.  I learned how to do the “Twist” from Chubby Checker himself!

As a reporter, I had the opportunity to have many wonderful adventures–and meet some pretty cool people.  The one person I’ll never forget is Chubby Checker.  I’m a huge fan of oldies music and I just adore the “Twist.”  Chubby was performing at a venue in southeast Missouri and agreed to be interviewed to promote his concert.  He personally taught me how to do the “Twist.”  The trick, he said, is to pretend like your stomping out a cigarette with your foot and drying off your rear end while holding a towel.  That, my friends, is the “Twist!”

8.  I have never ridden on a motorcycle.

Many moons ago there was a young man who I as smitten with who rode a motorcycle.  I sooooo wanted to ride on the back!  I thought it would be just about the coolest thing in the world.  In reality, I had just watched the movie Grease 2 way too many times and wanted a “cool rider” of my own.  However, when I had the chance–when the motorcycle and the guy were right there in front of me (offering me a ride no less) I couldn’t do it.  I actually said, “My Mom said I can’t ride on a motorcycle.”  Lost many cool points that day, but (as my Mom would put it) I am still alive and with all my own skin on.  Today, as a mother, I would actually pull my kid off a motorcycle if I had to.  #uncoolmomsrule

9. I once yelled at a guy for trying to offer me drugs.

While at a college party (in a town that was not Lawrence, mind you) a young man sauntered up to me reeking of marijuana and sporting some extremely over-sized clothing.  He started making small talk with my friend and I and in less the two minutes decided we were worthy of retreating with him into a dark alley in order to share a joint.  Maybe it was the fact that I won a SADD contest as a kid, I’m not sure, but something kicked into hyperdrive with his offer.  I am against substance abuse of any kind and this gent had completely offended my honor.  I said (at the top of my lungs), “Do I LOOK like I do drugs to you?” and proceeded to yell at him.  It was one of those screaming rants similar to that of Ralphie on the movie A Christmas Story…I got started and I just couldn’t stop.  Poor kid just slithered away.  Maybe that was an over-the-top reaction, but I take this say no to drugs thing pretty seriously.

10. I want to be a writer, as in real book author, when I grow up.

When I was a kid I used to tell stories to my brothers and sister at bedtime.  I could tell stories that would go late into the night.  We would laugh and laugh with plot changes and strange twists.  The crazier the story, the better.  I also wanted to be a teacher when I was very young (decided kids are too much work), and then wanted to be a lawyer for about a week (couldn’t stand the thought of defending someone who I knew was guilty.)  Next, I wanted to be an author.  The dream seemed too big…so I set my sights on becoming a journalist instead!  I have yet to write a book, but the urge is still there.  And maybe, just maybe when I grow up–I’ll do something about it!

It’s funny (figuratively and literally) what we find out about each other when we simply “play” the game.  Thank you Facebook friends for sharing and for indulging me in “my version” of the game as well.

The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.  Wayne Dyer

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