February…How Do I LOVE Thee? (A Musical Countdown to Valentine’s Day)

Love is…an unexpected Sonic Coke (delivered), just when you need it most.  –me

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a man-hating, love-skeptic, Lifetime-movie-watching scorned type of woman.  Really.  And I’m not anti-Valentine’s Day out of a series of rotten relationships or man troubles.  (Rather, I’ve been the recipient of some truly wonderful and sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts from some sweet gentlemen callers over the years.)  Yet, I’m just not big into the Valentine thing.  The idealist in me believes that we should love each other (and act like we love each other) every single day, no holiday necessary.  The realist in me wonders why we spend so much time, energy and money picking out that special something only for that special someone to psychologically dissect it in a thousand different ways.  Uggghh.  It just feels like an unnecessary merry-go-round.  It doesn’t help much that Valentine’s Day lands smack in the middle of February—my least favorite month.

So this year I decided to approach the whole thing differently.  I’m going to start loving February.  As part of my cup half full approach, I vow to jump in with both feet and embrace the whole Valentine thing with my own custom list of Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul.  Ambitious?  Yes!  Bold?  Absolutely!  Crazy?  You betcha!  Pointless?  On just about every level.  Regardless, let’s give it a go—I mean it’s February and how else am I going to get through the coldest, bleakest, cloudiest, shortest (and longest at the same time) month on the calendar.  Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day begin!  I (gritting teeth) LOVE February, how about YOU?

Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul:  Song 1

What a fun, upbeat look at love!  Great metaphors.  Quirky and fun lyrics.  Reminds me of new love…such excitement Song 1and intensity coupled with uncertainty and hesitation.  It’s that point in a relationship where you say look I want to make you my number one, are you with me?  We’ve all been there.  It’s the moment of truth:  Will you let me lean on you?  Carry the weight without complaining about the burden?  Appreciate the good and the bad…let me be a source of joy in your life.  Pull your honey close and move to this one.  BTW…pay attention to the shadows in the video.

Coming Up:  

Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul:  Song 2

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