February…How Do I LOVE Thee? (Song 5 in the Countdown)

Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul: Song 5

Love is…slow dancing in the kitchen before dinner (no music required.) –me

Of all the songs on the list, this one is definitely in my top 3 (yes—the list is not in any particular order.) I’m not necessarily an Eric Clapton fan, but I find this song especially moving because it represents a very beautiful (yet simple) moment in a love story. So often we hear about these grandiose relationship gestures…epic first dates, extreme engagement stories (just Google flash mob proposals and you’ll see dozens come up) and extravagant destination weddings. These things aren’t inherently bad, some of them are quite romantic, but most lifelong love song 5stories consist of a lot of mundane and simpler moments. When the adventure is gone and all that’s left is morning breath and the laundry, I pray that we have something deeper to hold onto in our relationships. I know they’re out there, but I don’t know many sky-diving lovers in their 80s…however, nothing melts my heart like seeing a couple in their golden years walking hand in hand in the grocery store. Here’s to “little” love moments 🙂

Coming Up: Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul: Song 6

***This post is part of an ongoing series. As part of my cup half full approach to loving the month of February, I vow to jump in with both feet and embrace the whole Valentine thing with my own custom list of Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul. Ambitious? Yes! Bold? Absolutely! Crazy? You betcha! Pointless? On just about every level. Regardless, let’s give it a go—I mean it’s February and how else am I going to get through the coldest, bleakest, cloudiest, shortest (and longest at the same time) month on the calendar. Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day begin! I (gritting teeth) LOVE February, how about YOU?

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