February…How Do I LOVE Thee? (Song 6 in the Countdown)

Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul: Song 6

Love is…the ability to love oneself in (and through) both good and bad times. –me

Probably one of my more controversial love song picks…. Some may find fault with the language in this one, others with the graphic themes presented in the video, but this song spoke to me the very first time I heard it. Let’s face it…loving oneself can be a tricky thing. On one hand we’re called to put others before ourselves and “make nice” yet song 6somehow maintain a healthy self-esteem without being too prideful. It can be a tough line to walk. Often in this world, though, it seems we are all too willing to sell ourselves out for love and acceptance. We see this play out time and time again and often it begins at a very young age. Playground antics have gotten meaner, bullying is all too real and extremely scarring, and the constant competitiveness in today’s society doesn’t leave much room for loving YOU. In an age where we are constantly picking ourselves apart and fearing the critique of our peers, it’s important to hear and receive the gift that we are all “wonderfully made” and of great value. Love yourself.

Coming Up: Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul: Song 7

***This post is part of an ongoing series. As part of my cup half full approach to loving the month of February, I vow to jump in with both feet and embrace the whole Valentine thing with my own custom list of Love Songs to Melt Your Heart and Move Your Soul. Ambitious? Yes! Bold? Absolutely! Crazy? You betcha! Pointless? On just about every level. Regardless, let’s give it a go—I mean it’s February and how else am I going to get through the coldest, bleakest, cloudiest, shortest (and longest at the same time) month on the calendar. Let the countdown to Valentine’s Day begin! I (gritting teeth) LOVE February, how about YOU?

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